If you would like to make a monetary donation by checking account or credit card, please click on the link below. (It is not necessary to have a Paypal account to use this method.)

If you would like to donate items that the center needs, you can click here to view the Center's Wish List. Cash or check donations can be dropped off in person or mailed to: Alpha Life Resource Center, 313 E. Main Street, Watertown, WI 53094


Please contact us about training sessions available throughout the year for veteran or new receptionists, hotliners and counselors, and an opportunity to learn about other volunteering opportunities at Alpha. We’re never high pressure at the Center; we always want the Spirit to be driving your willingness. Perhaps you’ll even find a non-traditional niche to fill to further the work.

1. Pray. Support the Life Center and its staff with your prayers. Include in your prayers a plea that you be granted a full measure of wisdom in discerning how you can act further to support Alpha’s ministry.

2. Be a Receptionist. Receptionists greet visitors as they arrive at the center and record basic information such as the client’s name and address. Perhaps she offers to watch children while moms talk with counselors. General office tasks, such as answering the phone and scheduling appointments, clerical help including thank you writing, and light housekeeping duties are her responsibility only as she is willing. Open hours vary five days per week. Time commitment: a 3 hour shift anywhere from once a month to once a week, plus a staff meeting 2 times a year.

3. Be a Counselor. The basic duties of the counselor are to meet and counsel the clients at the center, and to follow up with phone calls and/or letters of encouragement. The counselor offers scriptural based counseling on topics such as chastity, living together, parenting, adoption, abortion, marriage, baptism, and God’s plan of salvation. The counselor’s goals include: making the client aware of her spiritual needs; sharing the good news of Jesus Christ; calming the client’s anxiety by showing Christian love and concern; and educating the client about pregnancy and abortion. Office hours vary five days per week. Time commitment: a 3 hour shift from once a month to once a week, plus 3 staff meetings per year.

4. Be a Hotliner. These dedicated women answer our 24 hour hotline during the hours the center is closed. The calls are forwarded to the hotliner’s home phone. The hotliner answers the phone during her scheduled shift, takes down the appropriate information from the caller, gives directions to the center and schedules appointments. Time commitment: one or more days/nights a month in your own home, plus a staff meeting 2 times a year.

5. Serve on our Board. These men are responsible for the administrative dealings of our Chapter and Life Center. Beside chair, treasurer and secretary, positions include property manager, recruitment, congregational liaison, fundraising, public relations and special events directors.

Click here to download a volunteer application form.

Other Ways to Help

Kwik Trip Customers: You can assign your Kwik Rewards Rebate to help the Alpha Center. When the Kwik Rewards Fund-Raising form is completed with Alpha's information, the Center will receive 3% of all Kwik Trip purchases made using the card.

Amazon: Support us when you shop at Amazon.