Pregnancy & Family Services

Young mother and father with their son in the kitchen

Pregnancy & Family Services

Since its inception, ARC has served women facing the challenges of pregnancy with the goal of preserving life and helping the client move forward if they are led to protect the life growing inside of them.

In addition to mothers, we welcome couples, single parents, and entire families to enter our doors and receive the assistance they may need to build a better life or start a new chapter.

• Pregnancy testing
• Confidential, biblical-based counseling
• Pre- and post-abortion counseling
• Free maternity, baby, and infant care supplies
• Referrals for food, housing, health care, etc.
• Early family supports

All services are free and made available by ARC volunteers. Please call the center to speak with a receptionist and schedule an appointment with a client advocate.

In the future, ARC hopes to expand these services to include early family life and parenting classes, job postings and referrals, English as a second language classes, and counseling provided by Christian Family Solutions. Stay tuned for more information.

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