Volunteer at ARC

At ARC we welcome any assistance you are willing to offer. In addition to financial support and material donations, we are in need of volunteers who can help us interact with our clients and local communities. Any time you can provide is appreciated!  


Receptionists greet guests and potential clients when they walk into ARC. These volunteers collect client information, set up appointments, answer the phone and direct calls, and assist with office paperwork and light housekeeping duties.

Client Advocates

Advocates talk with clients one-on-one at ARC’s office, offering spiritual support and providing referrals to assist clients with their situation if necessary (spiritual care, food, housing, health care, etc.).

No previous experience is required to volunteer as a client advocate. The only thing needful is a Christian love and concern for others.

Those interested in serving as client advocates will work several shifts with one of ARC’s current advocates. The current advocate will also review the materials available at ARC, including a handbook that offers suggestions on how to respond to typical issues that may be brought up when meeting with a client.

Client advocates coordinate their schedules with each other to provide the most availability possible for clients.

Hotline Operators

Hotline operators answer phone calls made to ARC’s 24/7 hotline when the office is closed. They listen to calling clients’ concerns and/or questions, try to schedule in-person visits at ARC, take down information and forward it to the client advocates, and provide spiritual support as possible.

Hotline operators currently use their own phones to answer calls forwarded from ARC’s hotline.

No previous experience is necessary other than a Christian love for people. Being comfortable speaking with people over the phone is preferred.

Hotline operators are provided with a comprehensive handbook that is regularly updated to include current information. They will also receive additional training from ARC’s volunteer coordinator or center director.

Special Projects

From handling donations to preparing for special events to assisting with special office or fundraising projects — ARC welcomes the help of many hands and different talents! Projects may vary depending on the season, number of donations, type(s) of events, etc.

Congregational Contact

Congregational contacts keep the lines of communication open and active between ARC and members of their church and/or school. In addition to remembering ARC in their prayers, congregational contacts act as a voice for ARC in their local congregations, distributing bulletin inserts and posters for ARC events, referring volunteers for special events and regular ARC activities, and more. All information will be provided.

Interested In Volunteering?

If you are interested in serving in any of these capacities, contact ARC to let us know!